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H-Man Posts: 195 Lüm Super User

It would be a cool idea to be able to export your usage data as a excel or CSV file.

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  • Lüm Mobile
    Lüm Mobile Posts: 317 Lüm Admin

    Sure! I'll mention it to the rest of the team.

  • med103
    med103 Posts: 2 Lüm Member

    I'd also like to export my usage data. Is there an option to do this yet?

  • Lüm Mobile
    Lüm Mobile Posts: 317 Lüm Admin

    There is not an option. It is something I can let our design team know that we had a request for it.

  • Zaid.Ahmed
    Zaid.Ahmed Posts: 1 Lüm Member

    It would help to have a data export functionality OOOR a reliable user interface that can show the user how much data has been consumed during - say for example - the past 30 days. Right now the feature is there to select a timeframe but scrolling down the data consumption history log is unreliable (URL = https://mylum.lum.ca/#/portal/AlepoISP/widget/usage-history). Alepo ISP billing system should do a better job. Right now it is not possible for the user to figure out how the data got consumed during September 2023.