Data Usage

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When looking at data usage, there is a time listed with every 5MB. Is that an indication of how long it took to consume that 5MB? Sometimes its 3 minutes, and others it's 18 seconds. I take it 3 minutes might be scrolling a news article, whereas 18 seconds is likely a video.


  • H-Man
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    That indicates a usage session. It means your phone was engaged in communication back and forth with the tower transferring data during that time.

  • craz
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    I have the same thing - lots of 5MB “charges”, some are only 1second. Some happen when I am not using my phone. Seems sketchy.

  • Lüm Mobile
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    That would mean a large amount of data at one time. The LTE network is faster than 5MB in one second, so this is very possible. If you're unsure, I would recommend tracking your data usage on your phone through the built in apps, since that will tell you exactly what is causing the large downloads.