What is the basic plan call and text coverage?

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On the membership information it states "membership gives you access to purchase data, make calls and send text messages. It also includes unlimited incoming texts and calling feature". Does this mean that with the $180 membership I can call and text, and receive calls and texts, for free within Canada? or is there a charge without adding the Talk and Text add-on?


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    There are two ways you can do this. Calls and texts would be unlimited and free if you have the calling and texting addon ($25/3 months); however, if you are like me, and make very few calls/texts in a day... you can go for a data only plan.

    With a Data Only plan, any calls you receive and make will be deducted from your purchased data bucket.

    Where, 1MB = 1 Minute of talk time.

    Similarly, 1MB = 10 Text Messages Sent. Incoming are always free.

    You can use the price calculator: Price Calculator to determine which option is more cost effective for you.

    P.S. You must purchase a Data Bucket in order to use the service.