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What’s going on

Jeleko Posts: 2 Lüm Member

Am I getting ripped off?

im losing 5mb of data for 1 second? My log shows 1 second 5mb 2 seconds 5 mb. Then it’ll be 12 minutes at 5 mb then back to 1 or 2 seconds at 5mb each. What is that????

Best Answer

  • H-Man
    H-Man Posts: 60 Lüm Member
    edited May 30 Answer ✓

    Please check your phone's settings to see what is using all the data. Secondly, download an app like glasswire to monitor your usage live and on a daily basis. That can help you narrow down the culprit app.


  • Jeleko
    Jeleko Posts: 2 Lüm Member
    edited May 26

    this can’t be normal.

  • JeffK
    JeffK Posts: 5 Lüm Member

    I've struggled trying to figure this out as well, and I've realized that the most MB at a time that gets recorded is 5MB, so say you stream a song or watch a video and it's 50MB, it'll show 5MB in succession 10 times.

  • Zaid
    Zaid Posts: 3 Lüm Member

    @JeffK : thanks for the clarification. It has been a wild 30 minutes trying to make sense of the repetitive 5MB deductions for mere seconds of usage.