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Lüm Mobile
Lüm Mobile Posts: 357 Lüm Admin

Lüm Mobile uses a model that's different than most wireless providers. We want to get your feedback on where we can improve and any ideas that you may have!

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  • Deyel
    Deyel Posts: 11 Lüm Member

    It would be nice if I could add other devices to my account like with SaskTel sharemore:

    I have an iPad that has never been activated for data.

    I have a secondary phone that is on $15 per month unlimited talk and text at Fido that I would like to add with $75 per year unlimited talk and text.

    A spare phone that I let visitors use that is $25 per year on 711 Speak Out.

    My son’s phone that uses about 10GB per month and is now on VIP95.

    My daughter’s phone that uses over 20GB per month and is now on VIP95. She would need an unlimited data plan. Say $600 per year?

  • ditka
    ditka Posts: 1 Lüm Member

    I need to download the apk for the Lum app as I don't have any google services on my phone at all nor do i want any. Can you please provide a link to download direct from or offer a ****?

  • Lüm Mobile
    Lüm Mobile Posts: 357 Lüm Admin

    Unfortunately we don’t offer an APK since our app has been going through constant updates since we launched. We suggest that you create a bookmark in your preferred browser and use it as a home page shortcut.

  • Lüm Mobile
    Lüm Mobile Posts: 357 Lüm Admin

    Short answer is Yes! We're wanting to add as many countries as we can. It's just a matter of getting the agreements with those carriers.

  • Lüm Mobile
    Lüm Mobile Posts: 357 Lüm Admin

    Unfortunately it's due to roaming agreements. But I'll keep that in mind for the future!

  • JeffK
    JeffK Posts: 8 Lüm Member

    Maybe bigger data packs? Would you ever have sales or discounts to buy longer memberships?

  • Samman007
    Samman007 Posts: 5 Lüm Member

    Consider having totals in the usage area to easily see how much data is left?

  • Stokd
    Stokd Posts: 4 Lüm Member

    I would overhaul the reporting in the app. The data usage reports, specifically, are kind of useless. You can select a date range and it will show you any time data has been sent or received in that window but no cumulative daily/weekly/monthly/etc totals, which is what most people would be looking for.

    One cool thing dotMobile was doing was offering accessories. You enter your phone model when you're setting up the app and in their accessories store, it will only show you accessories that are compatible with your phone. That could be a way to differentiate Lum from other providers too.

  • DougB
    DougB Posts: 3 Lüm Member

    Needs so be more competitive with Bell and Telus for the larger data packages and unlimited talk and text. Would like to see 50, 75, 100, 125 and 150 gig data packages available to purchase at competitive discount prices.

  • SaskRiverRat
    SaskRiverRat Posts: 5 Lüm Member

    E-SIM please and thanks.

  • Antony
    Antony Posts: 2 Lüm Member

    First of all, I am very impressed by the low signal stability on calls. Same location, same phone, same tower, same signal level, but for some reason, the calls don't drop. Koodos! Ok I had to re-install a cell booster and it still doesn't work in the basement, but upstair it's crystal clear. Vice, with Sasktel, with the booster, the call was dropping or I will hear them and them not hear me. Without the booster, there was mostly SOS status. As with Lum, without the booster, the call wasn't dropping but the one-way communication was a sometime a problem (1 call on 2 or 3). Hence the booster. So why the difference? What is the difference? The protocol maybe? Connectivity settings on sever side?

    Second, thanks! Even if I'm not 100% satisfied, the ratio quality-price is a really great value. I'll be patient, wait for WiFi calling and keep on testing Lum.

    Keep up the great work!!