Renewing membership but not able to renew talk and text at same time

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My three-month membership (with added talk and text) will soon be coming to an end and I want to purchase a one-year membership with talk and text as well. I can renew the membership now (about a week before it expires) but I can't seem to purchase the talk and text at the same time. Am I overlooking something? Do I have to complete this as two separate transactions at two separate times? If so, is this something that can be amended in the future?


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  • Karl
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    Heads up! I went to Buy & Manage> scrolled down to My Purchases> canceled Talk & Text and if I renew now it has removed that addon.


  • H-Man
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    According to the website:

    "Add the Talk & Text Add-on to your Lüm membership for unlimited talk and texts from within Canada to anywhere in Canada or the U.S. The Add-on will renew with your membership (unless you choose to remove it)."


    "You can add the Talk & Text add-on anytime during your membership. If you get the add-on partway through your membership term, the price you pay for the add-on will be reduced to match the amount of time left on your membership."

    If you have auto-renew, they should both automatically renew I believe.

  • Lüm Mobile
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    That’s correct, they should both renew. If it doesn’t, please let us know!

  • Zummwold
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    I think the issue is that I am not auto-renewing - I am changing my membership. So, when I go to change my membership, there is no option available to me to add-on the (also different) talk-and-text at check-out. And if I go to my talk-and-text (in an effort to add it to my cart), there is no option for me to change it (or renew it) because it is still active.

    Hopefully this makes sense.

  • H-Man
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    In this case, just renew your membership. Perhaps, the talk & text add on will automatically renew when it expires. Or if it doesn't renew, you can manually add it later.

    Furthermore, I would advise you to use the Price Calculator to ensure that you actually need the talk and text addon.

    i.e. you only save money with the talk and text addon if you talk more than ~2000 minutes in a month on the 25GB data plan.

    Good Luck!

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    edited June 2022

    My title to this thread is misleading - for that, I apologize. It should read "changing", not "renewing". And while I appreciate the answers I've received, and they do help with some follow up questions I'm sure I'd have, they do not answer my initial question.

    It appears to be that since I am not renewing but rather changing my membership level, I am unable to purchase (or add on) the appropriate talk and text at the same time that I change (purchase) my membership level. I don't want it to auto renew because I am changing it, not renewing it. (Also, I have my auto renewals turned off.)

    Long and short, this may not happen often but it will certainly happen to another customer. Could you please look into adding an option to add on talk and text when someone changes - not renews - their membership so that it does not have to happen in two separate transactions?


  • Karl
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    I am required to renew in 2 days. It appears that I also can not opt out of talk and text addon when I renew? Is that correct? Need some direction. I would like another year subscription only. My data is good for now too!

  • rudeboy
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    Late to the party but I'm looking to do the same as Karl which is renew membership for a year but drop the Talk & Text add-on, and it's a bit confusing as to how I might do that...

    • If I turn the Talk & Text auto-renew option off (ie. do not auto-renew) and then select the Membership auto-renew option it automatically sets the Talk & Text auto-renew option back on.
    • If I use the Change Membership feature before my renewal date I am only able to select a 3-month membership renewal option.
    • There is a cancel service button under the Talk & Text but if I cancel before my renewal date will I be refunded a pro-rated amount? Unlikely so I will have to watch and wait until the day before my renewal, cancel my Talk & Text add-on then set my membership to auto-renewal so I can get the full year option at renewal time.

    Unless I'm missing something here, it seems a bit klunky for something that has been set up as 100% self-serve? Would love to know if there is a better way.