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Anyone use YouMail or a voicemail alternative? How do you set it up without voicemail already on LUM

mrkyle Posts: 11 Lüm Member

How does it work if we don't have voicemail on Lum, can we still set up the digital box with a service like YouMail? Looking into it but don't want to sign up if it doesn't work.


  • H-Man
    H-Man Posts: 60 Lüm Member
    edited July 14

    Lum offers calling and call forwarding to any number in Canada and USA. Essentially, you can set up YouMail... YouMail provides you with a number that all your unattended calls get forwarded to... Those forwarded calls are treated like voicemail by YouMail. YouMail is set up to record those messages and you can listen to them later.

    Alternatively, you can use any other service also. For example, I use Google Voice. I forward all my unattended calls to Google Voice and Google Voice has my Voicemail set up already and I get a notification when someone leaves a voicemail. The caveat with Google Voice is that you need a US number to sign up for the service the first time.

    Once either of these services are set up, it works seamlessly just like traditional voicemail. In fact, it offers more features than traditional voicemail in some cases.