Receiving confirmation texts in other countries?

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I might not have been so quick to switch from my regular Sasktel mobility account if I had known that it is impossible to receive confirmation texts internationally. That is disappointing. Previously, when in South America, I just inserted my Sasktel sim card temporarily to receive a confirmation text for banking or credit card account verification and then popped the local sim back in once that was done. Or is there a way to do this with Lum?


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    Only in US/Mexico.

    Many banks/other services let you receive a call instead of text. That might be easier to do as you can download a number of apps on iOS and Android that give you a phone number that works over the internet. You can go into your Lum account and forward calls to this new number. That way you can receive verification calls wherever you are as long as you have an internet connection.

    Not a perfect solution but a workaround.