Unable to change membership option

Hackity Posts: 4 Lüm Member
edited October 2022 in Help

Trying to change to 1 year from 3 months and it won’t let me proceed. I click on next but nothing happens. On iOS 16.0.2 on an iPhone 13 Pro Max.

I’m also unable to raise a trouble ticket as it won’t let me submit. When trying to enter a sub category it just says no subcategories available


  • H-Man
    H-Man Posts: 111 Lüm Member

    Hi, can you please make sure the app is fully updated. If it still doesn't work, please try on a PC.

  • Hackity
    Hackity Posts: 4 Lüm Member

    Yeah, it works fine on the website on a PC, just doesn't work through the app. The app is up to date.

  • Lüm Mobile
    Lüm Mobile Posts: 245 Lüm Admin

    We'll do some testing on our end and see if we can replicate it. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.