Call forwarded calls charging double data???

mrkyle Posts: 15 Lüm Member

I seem to have an issue where forwarded calls use up double data. I forward my calls to an online number, and even though I take or make a call on WIFI, I am being charged TWICE for one call, and the call is over WIFI! Perhaps I am not understanding something, but I shouldn't be charged at all, let alone twice!


  • Lüm Mobile
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    Hi there,

    Being connected to Wi-Fi still uses the VoLTE or 3G network for calls. You would see data usage for the initial call, and then usage for the call forwarding to your other number.

    Please take a look at the data rates available in our legal terms page.

    Data Rates 

    Incoming and outgoing voice are 1MB per minute 

    Call Forward, Call Waiting & Three Way calling are 2MB per minute