Can't log in to my Lum account

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I'm trying to log into our account from the page but after entering e-mail and password into the pop-up, it disappears, and I'm back at the original page. This page flashes briefly, and the "Log In" button briefly changes to say something like "keycloak."

I tried resetting my password in case that was the issue, and I can log into this help forum no problem, so I know that the login / password is not the issue.

I've tried on the android app, as well as Chrome, Edge, and Firefox on PC. Same issue.


  • Lüm Mobile
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    Hi there,

    We've emailed you from our mailbox. Please check your email to receive updates. Thanks!

  • H-Man
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    edited October 2023

    Lum has a calculator on the website you can utilize to estimate your monthly cost. Monthly cost can be brought down by signing up for 1 year membership instead of 3 months and purchasing larger data buckets.

    Lum doesn't offer international texting outside of US and Mexico. So you won't be able to send sms or make calls outside these 3 countries. Unless you use apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger etc.