Linked account but no sim card

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I added my daughter as a linked account and signed her up for the 3 month deal. I made the purchase last week but still haven't received the sim card. I checked my order and there is still no tracking for the sim #, and it doesn't say anything about the sim card in my order summary. I'm sure I clicked to order one, as this will be a new phone number for her. How can I check if I did order the sim card?

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    Good morning,

    It shows on your account that the option for "I already have a SIM card" was selected. We'll check the recording as well to make sure it wasn't a bug in the system. Can you please go into your daughter's account and go to Buy & Manage to buy a SIM card? Once that's done, please let us know and we'll reverse the charge since the first SIM is always free.