Selecting a new number when signing-up

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I'm considering signing up, but I'm kinda picky when it comes to the phone number I might get. Bu before I commit to a plan and pay, can anyone tell me if I'll be able to search for "specific digits" or how many times I might be able to "refresh" available numbers when picking a new number? (Regina, 306...)



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    Hi there,

    Our range for numbers in Regina is 639-532-4000 to 639-532-4999. We do have a few communities with 306 numbers, but the amount would be too much to show in a forum lol. Thanks for the question!

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    Trying to activate a new number. App says “NO INVENTORY” for EVERY location when trying to sign up… now what??

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    Hi there,

    We checked your account and it looks like you were able to fix it. Can you tell us what you did? It might help others that face the same issue in the future.