Refresh button does not work when porting number

Joel47 Posts: 2 Lüm Member

My number is now no longer with Sasktel which took two hours to occur. Now I’m the Lum app I am still stuck on step 9 and the refresh button does not work. The request is only pending and will not switch to approved. I have no service anymore with Sasktel please help me.


  • H-Man
    H-Man Posts: 314 Lüm Super User


    Porting can sometimes take a while to go through. If SaskTel has released your number for port that is probably a good sign. I would give it a couple more hours to go through. If it still doesn't.. someone should be able to look into it for you.

  • Joel47
    Joel47 Posts: 2 Lüm Member

    Is it normal for the refresh button to just do nothing? I tap it and it seems like it does nothing. The page doesn’t seem to do anything. I assume if nothing else they can redo or work something on their end? I’m feeling a little helpless since I currently have no cell service…

  • Lüm Mobile
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    Hi there,

    We'll reach out to SaskTel to get you unstuck from that step. I'll update you in our ticketing system once it's complete.