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It is very difficult to monitor data use. Please add a simple data count down to show how quickly it is being used

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  • TheBatmanBeynd
    TheBatmanBeynd Posts: 1 Lüm Member

    Agreed. That was an immediate surprise when I switched that there was no way to effectively track data usage. It would be nice to set it up where you can choose the period of time, for example, I want to set up 7GB per month and for it to notify me when I’m close to that in a given period.

  • H-Man
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    Great feedback. A lot can be done in terms of how data is presented. In terms of setting limits, most phones now have this functionality built in. You can set limits on when you're getting close to your set limit and even block the connection. Alternatively, third party apps can also be used to track with much more details about your usage.