How many subscribers use Lüm?

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Not sure I'll get an answer to this question, but I'm wondering just how many subscribers are using this service.

I signed up 3 months ago and just did another 3 month renewal, am very happy with the service everything has gone smoothly and for the little amount the phone gets used its the best value for mobile service I could get. I really like this model where unused data rolls over without time limits.

One thing stands out though, my account# is a very low number, and if those account numbers are generated on a sequential basis it would mean the subscriber base might be incredibly low, in which case I wonder how sustainable this service is, and what will happen with existing plan members if it doesn't continue?


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    Lum is part of SaskTel I think it will be fine and stay for awhile. i am looking into it f or my children as it seams a bit cheaper and better value for money paid. i am just wondering if i have to pay the full $500 upfront on my card or if it is divided and billed monthly to my card