Does Lum Voicemail work with iOS 17 Live Voicemail Feature?

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Seems like Live Voicemail doest work with YouMail. Would it work with Lum's Voicemail service, and is there any plans on supporting iOS's Visual Voicemail? I'd probably sign up for voicemail if this worked.


  • Kelsenellenelvial
    Kelsenellenelvial Posts: 3 Lüm Member

    Thanks, that's the answer I needed. With YouMail active, Live Voicemail would take the call, but then once they hung up it would disappear into the void. I think it's supposed to pass that message to the carrier voicemail, but the carrier probably needs to support that. Turning off YouMail and not having an active voicemail service at all drops the messages into the iOS voicemail feature.

  • Stokd
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    To piggyback on this, is Lüm's voicemail dial-in only or is visual voicemail on Android supported? Kind of shocking in 2023 if it isn't supported, it's been around since 2008...