Can I let my membership end, and in 9 months restart

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can I let my membership expire, and keep my gigabyte data. Then sign in in 9 months a start my membership again.


  • H-Man
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    Hi there, here's a snippet from Lum's terms and conditions:

    "If you cancel your membership at any time, or if your membership is expired for 60 days, the following will automatically occur:

    • your myLüm account will be terminated; o you will not be able to use any services; o your purchased data will be forfeited; and o your wireless phone number will be forfeited.
    • If you move your number to another provider, your membership will be cancelled, you will lose your myLüm account, and your purchased data will be forfeited. "

    You can pay for a one year membership and that would protect your phone number and keep your account intact even if you don't use it.