Why does my sim not activate

Kade Posts: 1 Lüm Member
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My number was transferred over to lum but when i try to activate it says tht th activation failed... wat am i doing wrong?


  • H-Man
    H-Man Posts: 314 Lüm Super User

    Ensure the SIM card number is being entered correctly... If you're still having trouble, please raise a ticket in your lum account.

  • EricN
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    I had a hard time activating the SIM. The elves finally helped. I found the activation process clumsy. I started on my computer which told me to download an app, which I did (didn't want to but seemed I had to). So then I followed the app instructions until I got to the point where I had to scan the card. This was a big hiccup, crashed the app, started over and it hung. I went back to the online part (i.e., the computer) and it just worked - the computer seemed to have know the details entered into the app and figured out the rest. But this made for an uneasy introduction to the service.