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t hoppy
t hoppy Posts: 1 Lüm Member

Hi just ported new number and installed LUM SIM card. Not connecting. What am I doing wrong



  • Lüm Mobile
    Lüm Mobile Posts: 376 Lüm Admin

    Hello, sorry for the late reply.

    1. Disconnect from Wi-Fi.
    2. Check your remaining data in myLüm.
    3. Check how many bars you have. If your signal strength is low, your data may not work
    4. Toggle Airplane mode on your phone.
    5. Restart your phone.
    6. Raise a ticket from your myLüm if these steps did not work.

    Lum Support

  • EricN
    EricN Posts: 11 Lüm Member

    I have only been a member for 2 days or so. There is 105 GB in my Canada data. I followed all the steps, I will put in a ticket

  • Lüm Mobile
    Lüm Mobile Posts: 376 Lüm Admin

    Hi Eric

    You have logged in to your account and created a trouble ticket with your credentials and email address.

    I have replied to that trouble ticket with the next troubleshooting tips and help.

    Lüm Support