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According to the email sent about wifi calling, it states: "Calls and texts using Wi-Fi Calling will come out of your data balance unless you have Unlimited Talk & Text."

If I'm using wifi and not Lum data, why does it come out of my Lum data balance?


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    Hi there, that is a good question, and we are happy to explain.

    Wi-Fi calling was launched for iPhones and was specifically created to enhance coverage. Even when you use Wi-Fi calling, you still connect to the cellular network to make that phone call. This can be confusing for Lüm because your calls are rated as data. Although the phone call uses Wi-Fi calling, it still uses that cellular network; and is billed the same as a standard call. If you have the Unlimited Talk & Text add-on, then the call would still be included in that.

    We hope this is helpful, and we'd like to inform you that we have additional FAQs about Wi-Fi calling available here. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any more questions.


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