Not recieving texts or calls, not getting any help

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I stopped receiving texts and calls to my phone on wednesday and raised a trouble ticket thursday, but I haven't been getting any help or information. I have been looking up solutions myself and found out that there was an outage and this has happened to quite a few people apparently. It's frustrating because I wasn't even told that this was an issue that was facing anyone else. I was told to reset my phone and toggle airplane mode, and I did that and haven't recieved any other message since friday... I can't even log into my bank account and I'm not getting any help from Lum, is there anything else I can do?


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    I've toggled airplane mode, turned off voLTE, restarted my phone, reseated sim card, reset all my phone settings, cleared caches, everything I could find online. I tried my sim card in another phone yesterday and still didn't recieve anything. The weird thing is, Lum's database still shows that I am getting texts and calls but nothing comes through to me.

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    Nice to know I am not the only one! My husband is on Lum and is not having this problem. However 2 weeks ago he had the exact same issue, it wasn't until he left a Google review that his issue was dealt with that day! As far as contact with Lum to rectify this issue it has been 24 hours with no contact. I have been out the same amount of time but did not know it until Saturday. iMessage still works on my phone but otherwise it is an over glorified iPod. I am not receiving any response from Lum and am at the point contacting the CCTS Ombudsman to launch a complaint to rectify this situation and leave a Google Review to warn others. Maybe that will get their attention and they will respond!

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    Hi all, I do see another related thread to this and have responded there.


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