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Why does the type, sub category, category not let me type something in. Or why are t there choices for me to make Anyway I can type in my issue and comments but it won’t let me submit as I haven’t filled in the type I remember this happened before and then I figured it out. ?? Can’t remember and it should be simple.


  • H-Man
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    There should be a drop down menu for you to select an option for those. If you're having trouble selecting something, I'd try a different browser.

  • JoeBaba
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    I always have trouble submitting tickets as well, and have always figured it out after much trial and error.

    So I documented the process for myself.

    1. Choose “Raise Trouble Ticket”
    2. Put a short description of the problem in the Summary Box
    3. Describe your problem fully in the Description box
    4. Click Trouble Ticket Type
    5. Click “Issue”
    6. Click Trouble Ticket Category
    7. Choose the Category Type
    8. Choose Trouble Ticket Subcategory
    9. Choose the Subcategory type
    10. That should un-grey the Submit button
    11. Hit Submit

    It seems you HAVE to enter the Summary and Description boxes before it will allow you to choose The Trouble Ticket Type. This seems to be a bit of bad design, in that if you fill in the boxes from the top down, it won't work. You have to fill in the lower boxes (summary and description) , BEFORE you fill in the boxes about them. This problem exists on both Chrome and Firefox.