SIM card/network issues

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I switched over to Lum from SaskTel. Bought 95 GB's of data Everything went well. I transferred my number over to Lum (received an email saying this was successful) and the SIM card activated according to my Lum account and app (it says SIM card is "active"). However, my phone says that my SIM card is not provisioned for voice and is unregistered. In my phone information tab, it says phone number is "unknown." When I try to manually connect to a mobile network, it scans and comes up with Lum Mobile, and Lum Mobile T, B, and R. None of these work, and each time after trying to connect it says "No service, selected network not available." I have full bars of service, my Wi-Fi is good, I restarted my phone, turned airplane mode on and off, and the phone is fully updated. I have no idea what to do! I did put in a ticket but wanted to ask this on here as well.


  • H-Man
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    Hi there,

    This is a programming issue. @Lum_Mobile please re-provision.

    Also, toggle airplane mode a few times if you haven't already. Sometimes that will resolve some issues also.