306 area code?

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Signed up in the Estevan area and I'm only given phone number choices with area code 639. Is 306 an option for a new phone number?



  • H-Man
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    You can bring over an existing 306 number if you have one with another provider.

    If you want a brand new number, the system will provide you with options from a pool of numbers available. Looks like in your area 306 may not be available. You can possibly try another city that may have it, but that's not a guarantee.

  • FruitOfTheLum
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    I went to a SaskTel store in Saskatoon less than a week ago and the guy was able to let me choose from dozens (if not hundreds) of 306 numbers. He showed me a list of options on his screen and let me take a moment to pick the one I wanted. Was then able to just port it over to Lüm. I was happy as 306 was my preference.

    When I signed up for Lüm later in the same day, I noticed that the only numbers they had in their pool had a 639 area code, so if you really want a 306 number, I recommend going to a SaskTel location and reserving one from their pool as your first step, and then transferring it.