Access Point Name settings are not available for this user (S22 Ultra)

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I can't get internet to work on my Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. It refuses to allow me to add an access point name for my eSIM.

I've tried rebooting and performing a network reset but it always gives me the same error when I try to save my access point name settings.

Calling and texting works, it's just data that doesn't.

Never had a problem with data until I switched from SaskTel to Lüm.

Any ideas?

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  • H-Man
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    Beside the Add APN button, tap the 3 dots and select reset to default. See if that works?

    Secondly you can try using the SaskTel apn. Sometimes that works also.


  • FruitOfTheLum
    FruitOfTheLum Posts: 10 Lüm Member

    I thought I'd already tried resetting to default but when I performed it again just now, it fixed it. It's weird because I tried a full network reset and that didn't work, so I'm surprised this more minor reset fixed it.

    I have data now and everything works perfectly. Thanks.