Text Recieving Unsupported File Type

JayB Posts: 2 Lüm Member


Has anyone run into this? If anyone sends me a voice text from an iPhone or a video from any phone I don't receive it, but instead get a text from 6672:

(Phone #) sent you a message with a media type not supported by your handset: Content-Type: audio/amr

Content-Type: video/mp4

Content-Type: video/3gpp

I can receive a jpeg, but the quality is poor. However, I can send any of the files mentioned without any issues.

My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE and is up to date. I've tried restarting it and adjusting the APN settings with no change. It was working before I switched from Kodoo.

Support is working on it, but no luck yet. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks