Is there a way to enable no-answer call forwarding?

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I understand that Lum doesn't come with voicemail. Instead of using another service for voicemail, I would like to forward unanswered calls to another number. I don't want all calls, or busy, to forward. Only no-answers / declines. Is it possible to set that up somehow?

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    Hi there!

    Phones can be programmed using star codes. I'll create an FAQ for all of them, but here's how to activate the ones you mentioned:

    1. Open your Phone app like you're making a call.
    2. Enter the code for what you want to turn on:

    Call Forward No Answer

    *61*[destination number]**[seconds before activated]#

    Example: *61*3061234567**60#

    Call Forward Unreachable


    Example: *62*3061234567#

    If you ever want to turn them off, you can use these:

    Call Forward No Answer


    Call Forward Unreachable