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Switching from a monthly data quota to a non-expiring set of data is a paradigm shift that comes with some risks. The largest one being accidentally consuming a large amount of data that was meant to last many months. An example of how this could happen would be if you were watching a YouTube video on your phone, thinking you're connected to WiFi, but you aren't. While this is a reality customers have to deal with, I think Lum could help out by allowing data usage notifications to be setup. Receiving a push notification if you've consumed over X GB of data in one day, for example. Many of the traditional carriers that have monthly data limits do send out messaging when you get close to your monthly limit. While that doesn't translate directly to the Lum model of having one pool of data, I think the need for some sort of data consumption alerting does exist and would be useful.

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  • Kal
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    I think this is a great idea!

    One of the things I do on Android, is set the data cutoff at 300MB and warm at 200MB; then if I get a data warning I check my data and change the billing date to the current date (so the counter starts over).

    I think an SMS warning would be a great idea!

    I think the real issue is with the phone OS/Apps. Some apps like YouTube you never really want to watch on data.