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Managing data usage

Karl Posts: 4 Lüm Member

There are many apps, settings, updates, including backups that can use up your cellular data (in the background) and thus escalate data usage while not connected to wifi . My home wifi can handle most of these tasks generally and for the most part it does. There are YouTube videos that can help people manage cellular data usage/ turn off settings etc.

I personally switched off my data to start with , because I have good wifi at home. I do use it , but only when I need it. In addition, I found a video helpful change some settings: one example for iPhone


  • Karl
    Karl Posts: 4 Lüm Member

    Wow, Its difficult to believe, I have 183 days left of my one year membership and I still have 22.01 GB left of 25 GB data bucket. Only turning on data when needed, when away from Wifi.

  • H-Man
    H-Man Posts: 60 Lüm Member

    I agree, this model has changed the way I use my phone. It almost incentivizes not using my data as much. Otherwise, I'd be almost forced to finish my data bucket each month because I am paying for it regardless. I have used only 2GB in almost a 100 days.

    Android also has several ways you can control your data usage:

    ·        In your app settings (for each individual app) toggle off background data.

    ·        Use a firewall app like NetGuard to prevent apps from accessing data while you’re on mobile data. I use this to prevent accidentally opening reddit or YouTube or Netflix.. apps that consume large amounts of data quickly.

    ·        Download your music library instead of streaming.

    ·        Save maps offline in Google Maps.

    ·        Use a data monitoring app like Glasswire to monitor your data usage regularly.

    ·        Change your settings in Messaging apps (like whatsapp) to stop automatically downloading large media files when on Mobile Data.