SIM card hasn't arrived

Bodani Posts: 3 Lüm Member

It has been 5 days since I registered my account and ordered the SIM card. The tracking of SIM card shows me the same message that it takes a few hours to set up tracking. There is no way to reach LUM and get an answer. I hope I haven't made a mistake by signing up with this provider. Anyone out there received any communication from LUM over the last 5 business days?


  • Lüm Mobile
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    We found an issue with SIM shipment. We've contacted our warehouse and will be making sure the missed SIMs get shipped as soon as possible. Sorry for the delay!

  • Bodani
    Bodani Posts: 3 Lüm Member

    I ordered the SIM counting on the information you had provided about delivery time on your site (see the image below). Now I am forced to subscribe another month of my existing cell plan (over $100) while my membership with Lum is also paid for the same period. Not a very good start on another promise you make on your site ('Don't Waste Your Money'). Not a very happy beginning!

  • Nayan
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    The same is my case, I ordered 2 nos SIM on 5th Aug 22 but it is still not delivered on 11th Aug 22.