Disable call waiting and voice mail

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Is there a way to disable call waiting and voice-mail on my account? I would sooner people get a busy signal if trying to call me and not have option to leave message also.


  • H-Man
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    Hi there,

    You can disable call forwarding by following the instructions on this page:

    Managing your Call Forwarding settings - Member Forum (lum.ca)

    For Call Forward No Answer, the default is 3 rings, so if you'd like it to be less or more, you'd type *61*3061234567**20#. If you want to just use the default, it would be *61*3061234567# in your dialer.

    The **20 refers to number of seconds it will ring for.

    You can disable call waiting in your phone's settings.

  • MikeC
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    Call forwarding is not the issue, I want to disable call waiting.... when your phone beeps when a 2nd call comes in..I want that 2nd call to get a Busy signal and have to try again later when I am off the phone.

  • H-Man
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    There's usually a setting in your phone to turn that on and off.

    Fo Samsung, it is under the phone settings -> supplementary services.