Everything working but not showing I'm active on the lum app.

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Hello. So I phoned a sasket mobile company to help switch my number to my new phone. She told me to put my new Sim card in my new phone,so I did. Then I tried to activate it on the app. I obviously did it wrong,as I was supposed to activate it before changing my Sim card. Everything is working on my new phone and at the top of my screen it says I'm connected to lum mobile. So my problem is, on the lum app it says I'm not activated yet. How do I activate my account when I already put my new Sim in my new phone? I hope this makes sense. Thanks


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    Please raise a ticket in your Lüm account. @Lum_Mobile

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    I have 3 or 4 times. And you guys keep closing it. So my phone and texts are working but when I'm not home and try to use my data it doesn't work.