Helpful tips: Porting in your number

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Porting your own number is something that most people haven't done before. We wanted to create a post to highlight some of the places that we've seen the most questions around this process.

Entering your address

  • Street name: Do not include directions (E, W) if part of your address.
  • House/Apartment number: If you live in an apartment, enter building#-unit#. Example: If I live in apt 1604 on 2131 Broad Street, I'd enter: 2131-1604.
  • Street Type: Enter the full street type with no directions (E, W) if part of your address.

Current provider

  • Choose your correct provider, but be careful when selecting the Wireless or Wireline versions of your provider. Example: SaskTel Mobility for cell numbers and SaskTel Landline for home phones.
  • If you don't see your provider listed, you can look online for the parent company of your provider. Example: SpeakOut is owned by Rogers. So if you were with SpeakOut, you should pick Rogers Wireless.

Current provider details

🚩 This is where we see the most tickets!!

  • Using your IMEI: The IMEI that a lot of companies use on file isn't accurate. If you bought your phone from a dealer or box store, or if they just never updated it on their billing system, THIS WON'T BE ACCURATE! If you get this error, please use your old account number.
  • Using your account number: This is found on your last bill or listed in the provider's self-serve portal. If you can't find this, a quick call to them will give you this information.

Approving your number porting

  • Step 9 can take the longest in this process. Usually it only takes a few seconds for you to get a text message from your old provider to port out, but it CAN take up to 2 hours for cell numbers.
  • 🚩 Another way this can get broken is if you hit Back in your browser at this step. Please wait on this screen and hit Next after you receive the text.

Error codes

  • Check out Troubleshooting port-in error messages to see explanations around the errors you may see.
  • 🚩 Don't hit Back or Refresh the page. If you receive an error, click Next to try again.
  • Wait 5 minutes before attempts! Too many attempts can cause additional errors.
  • If you do get an error and can't fix it, you can click on the option to create a ticket. This will be sent to our Support group to look into. Our Support team will update the ticket and you can see updates in myLüm>Help.